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About Us

About Us

myOM Mallorca is a little corner of paradise on the hills in the Manacor area, on the enchanting island of Mallorca. The space can be used for events related to sport and wellness. Guests will feel at home, surrounded by a family environment, an intimate place immersed in the splendid countryside landscape. Yoga lessons, mountain walks, cycling routes, tasting events and speach on issues concerning well-being and health. Intimately connected with the activities of the Fly High Mallorca association, located in the heart of Palma and which has been dedicated to wellness and fitness for years, myOM is a meeting point for all lovers of nature and healthy living. Get in touch with us. myOM is also your hOMe.

About myOM
Something different: Themed routes for Mallorca!

Something different: Themed routes for Mallorca!

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