myOM: a place to call hOMe

beautiful view over myOm

Hey guys, it’s been a tough year, isn’t it?
Like never before there is a need to relax and find some peace.

Precisely for this reason we decided to create myOM.
A shared space to be shared
. A place out of this world and out of everything that creates tension, anxiety, stress, a space to relax and practice the sport we care about most, together with people who share the same passion.

myOM Mallorca is a little corner of paradise in the hills next to area, on the enchanting island of Mallorca.

The space can be used for events related to sport and wellness.
Guests will feel at home, surrounded by a family environment, an intimate place immersed in the splendid countryside landscape.

We prioritize well-being

Yoga lessons, mountain walks, cycling routes, tasting events, cooking classes  and talks on issues concerning well-being and health.

myOM is a private home, and therefore does not act as a Bed & Breakfast or Hotel

The concept of myOM is to give the possibility to lovers of nature sports and a healthy lifestyle to take advantage of a support space to be able to practice their passions.

myOM wants to be a point of reference for those who want to come and practice in a relaxing environment full of activities and comfort.

All instructors and sports lover, who want to come in small groups to spend time together and to train on one of the most beautiful islands in the Mediterranean, are welcome!

But we will be happy to host all those who decide to follow our more days activities in exchange for a cost of the activity plus a contribution for the expenses incurred by myOM.

Not being a hotel 🙂
guests were required to collaborate in maintaining the structure,
taking care of their rooms and common areas.

This is our philosophy

Intimately connected with the activities of the Fly High Mallorca association, located in the heart of Palma and which has been dedicated to wellness and fitness for years, myOM is a meeting point for all lovers of nature and healthy living.

myOM: what’s in a name

L’OM ॐ is considered to be the primordial sound that gave rise to creation, according to Hindu philosophy. It is used in mantras and for all yogis it is a sacred symbol.

Indicates inner peace and the ability to regenerate. This wants to be myOM, a place to find peace, serenity, recover from daily fatigue and stress to enjoy the tranquility and beauty of what is inside and outside of us.

By combining the word OM with hOMe, which contains the letters, we want to convey to all guests that sense of tranquility that this place transmits. For those used to traveling, finding a familiar place that makes they feel at home is very important to be able to relax.

the OM symbol breakdown



myOM is a private house and therefore does not act as a Bed & Breakfast or hotel

Due to its private home nature, guests are required to have maximum respect and care for common spaces and structures.

myOM is also your home and we expect you to treat it as such.

  1.  clean the common bathrooms and the kitchen JUST AFTER having them used (please not after 1 hour or after 1 week 🙂
  2. use the appropriate shelves and containers in the refrigerator (divided by rooms) to contain food. Do not leave food open without a container
  3. if you have to smoke, do not smoke in the rooms but only outdoors and using the ashtray
  4. if there are other guests, follow the current rules on covid19
  5. the pool is for swimming or water sports. For the rest there are equipped bathrooms.
  6. If you stay more days you can use our rooms. Keep them clean as they where your house. Here there are not HUMPA LUMPA that cleans for you 🙂

DOWNLOAD HERE THE ENGLISH VERSION  or ITALIAN VERSION of the waiver and release of liability by myOM