san salvador starry night

The countryside in the Manacor area is very quiet and enjoys low light pollution.

This allows without too much effort or particular equipment to enjoy an exciting show for all lovers of immensity and for all romantics!

These spectacles of nature are not easy to see in large cities, illuminated even at night and with tall buildings that block most of the view.

From the myOM pool you can appreciate the celestial vault, complete with the Milky Way just above your head!
For astronomy experts it will be a real feast for the eyes!

If you don’t feel like you are close enough to touch the sky with your finger, then we can suggest a visit to the nearby sanctuary of San Salvador.

You go up (at night better by car, but during the day there are many cyclists and walkers who arrive at the sanctuary) for 7 km of hairpin bends that will take you straight to a huge square with the statue of San Salvador overlooking the hill highest in the area, giving you the full 360 degree view of the entire island.

In addition to the view of the island, this place will allow you to fully appreciate the Milky Way and all the stars of the firmament.

If you go equipped with a telescope or reflex camera, you will be able to clearly distinguish many of the most well-known constellations.

If you go when the sun has just dropped between the stars of the firmament you can also spot some of the StarLink satellites moving in our orbit.

Didn’t you know? legend has it that dreams often come true at myOM! We are waiting for you here to test it!

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