myOM is also a private home. We have an ETV licence but we decided to use myOM just for healty and relaxing activities.

At my home we will be happy to host all those who decide to follow our activities and guests who decides to take some holidays in a peacefull place. 

Due to its nature as a private house, guests are required to have greater respect and care for common areas and structures.
myOM is also your home, and we expect you to treat it as such.

During your retreat you can take advantage of the dedicated facilities.

There is a parking dedicated to the guests and the free use of wifi.

Guests will have at their disposal during their stay the use of the swimming pool and the playground and the materials connected to it (deck chairs, umbrellas) and the outdoor kitchen which has a barbecue, refrigerator and dishwasher.

They will also have the use of the landery at their disposal.

At the discretion of the guests, it will also be possible to agree on the use of other materials aimed at maintaining their sports equipment (bicycle pumps, tools to fix the wheels, etc.).
Sports equipment will also be available to guests for the sole purpose of carrying out the scheduled courses.


myOM is a private house and therefore does not act as a Bed & Breakfast or hotel

Due to its private home nature, guests are required to have maximum respect and care for common spaces and structures.

myOM is also your home and we expect you to treat it as such.

  1. clean the common bathrooms and the kitchen JUST AFTER having them used (please not after 1 hour or after 1 week 🙂
  2. use the appropriate shelves and containers in the refrigerator (divided by rooms) to contain food. Do not leave food open without a container
  3. if you have to smoke, do not smoke in the rooms but only outdoors and using the ashtray
  4. if there are other guests, follow the current rules on covid19
  5. the pool is for swimming or water sports. For the rest there are equipped bathrooms.
  6. If you stay more days you can use our rooms. Keep them clean as they where your house. If you wanna the cleaning service you can contract it.
  7. If you also rent the Castle the MINIMUM STAY is 5 days.

DOWNLOAD HERE THE ENGLISH VERSION  or ITALIAN VERSION of the waiver and release of liability by myOM

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