sunset and sunrise at myOM

What’s more suggestive than a sunrise? Or more romantic than a sunset?

For all lovers and photo hunters on these two natural phenomena that are repeated every day, Mallorca is the ideal destination.

But be careful! Not all times of the year to contemplate these natural phenomena are the same! Meteorologists confirm that in our Mediterranean area, the closer we get to winter, the more likely there will be spectacular sunrises / sunsets.

Let’s say that as the high season to go to the beach is in August, the high season to enjoy these spectacular events is from November to February, for astronomical, physical and meteorological reasons. Simplifying the concept, the change in the colors of the sky is determined by how the light bounces between the various particles as it passes through the atmosphere, at what angle the light passes through it and finally by the density of the air, which in winter is less loaded with water vapor.

Furthermore, the winter solstice (21 December) is the time when the sunset lasts the longest, thus allowing all colors to express their beauty to the fullest.

sunset and sunrise at myOM

In Mallorca there are strategic places from which to admire sunrises and sunsets.

The sun rises from the side of the island towards Manacor and sets from the side of the Sierra de Tramuntana.

The east side is the one to which the longest sandy beaches of the island belong, flat and which allow a wide view over the whole coast. Among these we remember Cala Millor, Cala Angulla, Cala Varquez, Cala Rajada, Calò dels Moro and Cala S’Almuina from which you can enjoy the sunrise on the splendid hill between the two coves.

sunset and sunrise at myOM

Obviously, as it is not exactly one of the hottest periods of the year, we recommend that you bring a blanket but leave very early.

Some of these beaches have long stretches to walk before reaching the beach … and the sun is not waiting for you! : D

To see the sunsets, on the other hand, we highly recommend the whole area of ​​tramuntana siera.

Sa Foredada and the Cap de Formentor lighthouse are the emblems of Mallorca’s sunsets, but I recommend the Mirador i Els Colomer, in the north west of the island.

We are waiting for you in Mallorca to take the tour of sunsets and sunrises. A coast to coast of the island to see the most exciting colors ever.

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