Ideal space for fitness, yoga and meditation retreats. The calm and peaceful place surrounded by the sounds of nature, offers the right environment to stay out of the world in peace.

It offers the possibility to create or participate in courses, workshops and reatreats that will take place at myOM.
For those who participate there is also the possibility of staying overnight in the rooms.

The ideal place to find yourself and be in the midst of nature.

MyOM is an oasis of peace and serenity that will help your body and spirit to relax and enjoy the tranquility of the hills and landscapes that surround one of the most beautiful and green areas of Mallorca.
You can enjoy sunsets on the terrace or by the pool, practice yoga as the sun rises and relax in the AntiGravity Yoga hammocks after a day touring the island.

During the year yoga workshops and retreats will be held, AntriGravity, acroyoga, Myofascial Yoga Wheel, Mindfulness, in collaboration with Fly High Mallorca and with many teachers who will come from all over the world.

At the end of the class you can attend also a relaxing massage!

Private and collective fitness and yoga classes

You do not want to participate in a multi-day retreat but do you want to take private or group lessons of AntiGravity, yoga or Myofascial Yoga Wheel?
Contact us for more information.

What is AntiGravity® Fitness & Yoga?

antigravity external wood structure
antigravity yoga

It’s a practice that combines elements coming from yoga, the pilates, dance, gymnastics and aerial arts. It is challenging but very fun activity that in a short time can bring numerous benefits to body and mind. It makes use of the Christopher Harrison’s AntiGravity hammock that supports all the body and allows you to take advantage of the gravity decompression instead of compression as it happens in everyday life, making it easier to perform certain asanas that would otherwise be hindered by force severity. The spearhead of this technique are the INVERSIONS made in total safety thanks to the support of the hammock, without tension and load on the cervical area but rather with huge benefits for the entire spine and much more !!

Why AntiGravity®?

  • Antigravity decompressing the spine, can help to increase strength and flexibility without burdening on joints
  • Elongation of the spine and disc hydration
  • Vertebral realignment and improved posture
  • It also creates a refresh lymphatic and anti-aging effect
  • At the end of the lesson you will be 3 cm taller … but unfortunately the effect disappear during the day!


YogArmony is a new style, hybrid between dancefloorwork and yoga. The passages between one asana and another are fluid, dynamic and to the rhythm of music. YogArmony is a style that can be used with vinyasa classes or with the Yoga wheel, creating very elegant and dynamic choreography.

YogArmony classes do not require you to be an expert yogi, but they do require a lot of love for rhythm, dance and music.

During the YogArmony lessons, flows are created exactly like in vinyasa to compose a choreography, which are then put on a musical base to create a very exciting and engaging dance-yoga.

In YogArmony the structure of the vinyasa is not altered, nor its benefits, nor the breath which remains the same as that of classical yoga. The only difference is the duration of the asanas based on the music and the passages between them that become real dance movements.

Myofascial Yoga Wheel: fitness at 360 degrees

MYW classes are suitable for everyone, even for those who have never approached yoga. The wheel helps with stretching and, in particular, to improve posture and the lengthening of myofascia.

The use of the Yoga Wheel allows the opening of the back and shoulders to improve diaphragmatic breathing.

By rotating the wheel, a muscle massage is exercised to decontract the myofascia, a deep part of the muscle itself.

The types of the MYW program work at three different levels:The first level, MYW ROOTS, fundamental to access the other levels, has its roots in the world of Yoga, proposing the classic asanas with the use of the wheel to increase the benefits and to work at a postural level

MYW POWER AND CORE has its roots in Pilates, muscle toning and training of the core muscles. An intense and profound work.

MYW ACROWHEEL is the acrobatic version of MYW. Working in pairs leads to training balance and cooperation to obtain very intense and fun figures. A fun and intended workout for all those who want to learn how to use a new tool.

Yoga and Meditation classes

Nadal Academy students and coach doing yoga at myOM

Are you looking for the right place to practice yoga outdoors?

Do you want an instructor to follow you to improve your technique?

Do you want to organize a lesson in the company of your friends?
Are you an athlete and are you looking for something that can complement your skille and improve technique, concentration and balance?
We are located 2 minutes from the Nadal center and many athletes and instructors use our lessons to improve their performance in their sport.
Yoga is essential not only to rebalance the body but also to relax and focus the mind to get the best out of yourself and find a moment of decompression from stress.
We are at your disposal to find out how we can help you


A specific training to tone your muscles and to regain shape.
An intense hour of training tailored to your needs to get you back in shape and to improve your performances.

At your disposal there is a 13-meter pool for swimming and training, and you can find all the tools you will need for a super workout: mats, elastic bands, yoga wheels, nautical rope, barbells, foamroller and much more to make your complete workout!


Working with the paddle board to practice yoga helps to increase concentration, to better manage your weight and balance and to improve our stability.

Pilates on the paddle board is an ideal workout for the abs. The stabilization that is sought to maintain balance, control of movements, work on the core, are the strengths of this free body workout or with small tools.

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