Tired of vacation spots in Mallorca that don’t welcome your four-legged friend? Fear not, because we’ve got the perfect solution just for you! With myOM my DOG PACK, you can finally relax knowing that your canine companion is in the expert hands of Roberto, one of the most recognized Dog trainer in the whole island , at the Centro de Psicología Canina.

At myOM, we believe that every member of the family deserves a vacation filled with joy and adventure, including your beloved canine companion. With myOM my DOG PACK, not only do you enjoy a delightful stay at myOM accommodations, but you also unlock a special offer of 20 or 30 euros per night to accommodate your dog in a dedicated facility with a professional dog trainer.

Our specialized dog accommodation ensures that your pet receives the utmost care and attention throughout your stay. Whether you need some alone time for shopping, want to indulge in a romantic dinner, or simply unwind by the pool, your faithful friend will be well taken care of.

Moreover, our facility provides ample space to conduct various training courses with your dog. From obedience training to agility courses, and tailored programs to meet your specific needs, our experienced trainers are here to support you and your canine companion every step of the way.

Experience true peace of mind and enjoy your vacation to the fullest with myOM my DOG PACK. Book now and unlock a world of relaxation and adventure for both you and your beloved pup!

Because at myOM, every tail wag and paw print is celebrated!


  • Module 1 The Urban Dog: Civic Education
  • Module 2
    Separation Anxiety
    Walking, etc.
  • Module 3 Civil and Sporting Guard and Defense
  • Module 4 Trekking and Beach Days

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