Mallorca is not only a very beautiful island from a naturalistic point of view, but also a paradise for archeology lovers.

The TALIOT, ancient monuments dating back to the Iron Age, are a true emblem of the two largest islands of the Balearics, Mallorca and Minorca, which closely resemble the Sardinian NURAGHI.

The necropolis of Son Real, located in the northern area of ​​Mallorca a few steps from Can Picafort, is a real point of reference for prehistoric enthusiasts.

The one hundred and ten tombs of origin between the Iron and Bronze Age (VII BC to I BC), have the shape of the Taliot with a circular, square, rectangular or apsidal plan, and kept in excellent condition the remains of the corpses buried in fetal position.

Over the centuries, being right on the sea, unfortunately many of these ancient tombs have been eroded or even destroyed.

How to get

To get to the Necropolis of Son Real, you can walk along the promenade from Can Picafort, or, a route we recommend, through the  PUBLIC FINCA OF SON REAL.

When we talk about Son Real, we are talking about one of the most important references in terms of archaeological heritage in the Balearic Islands, with a large number of archaeological sites from different periods of prehistory. The first evidence of human occupation is the Dolmen period (1900-1600 BC) with the remains of a dolmen and three hypogeums or artificial burial caves.

From the Proto-Talayotic period (1100-900 BC) we find the archaeological site of Es Figueral. Finally, the sites related to the funerary rite stand out from the Talayotic and Postal-Aaiotic period (900-125 BC), the most notable being the Necropolis of Son Real, also known as the Punta dels Fenicis.

Through a bucolic path between sheep, lambs and birds that will accompany you along the way, you reach the sea along about 3 km of dirt road.
Arriving at the sea in the direction of Can PIcafort you will find the small cemetery.


The works of Joan Bennàssar

If you decide to visit the town of Can Picafort, very lively during the summer and with many seafront bars, you will find an infinite number of works by the artist Mallorquino Joan Bennàssar, born in the neighboring area of Pollenca.

His works, as he himself defines, of “primitivist” style, derive from a 360-degree path of the artist who over the years has explored many styles, from cubism, to abstract, to modern art, but always keeping close to classic art, as can be seen from the subjects and materials used.