If you are a lover of mountains, cycling and hiking, this is the right place for you.

Thanks to the collaboration with Rental Bikes Mallorca you will have the opportunity to see the island by bike with organized tours or freely on your behalf, finding the bikes directly at myOM.

You will have the opportunity to relax and prepare yourself for your days of full immersion with nature and to truly experience the beauty of this splendid island. From myOm there are numerous cycling routes in the countryside between Felanix and Manacor.
If you want to take splendid walks in the mountains, we will be happy to introduce you to the most beautiful routes that the island has to offer.

For example the Mondragò natural park is located a few km from myOM. A postcard sea and long walks in the pine forest will take you to one of the most beautiful places on the island. Ideal for family walks or cycling.

Via verda: a dedicate route for cycling

This route is practically flat and without difficulty. It is a trail with a tread in good condition for cycling with mountain rental bikes or rental electric bikes. This greenway is an old train route converted into a route for practicing sports or simply walking with friends or family. In it there are different recreational areas and rest areas.

This cycle / pedestrian path starts a few kilometers from myOM, on the outskirts of Manacor and runs up to Artà through the Mallorcan countryside.

Here you can find a wonderful book with history and infos about all the bike cycling route in Mallorca

La sierra de Tramuntana: cycling and hiking

The Sierra de Tramuntana offers breathtaking landscapes with mountains overlooking the sea, and even if it does not have particularly high peaks, there are routes of all difficulties with very technical and exciting passages.
Also Mallorca is an island full of underground caves, some need headlights and adequate equipment. If you wanna try some alternative route, look at our page of themed routes!

Castillo Alarò
Castillo Alarò
sa Cueva Tancada
sa Dragonera from la Trapa
sa Dragonera from la Trapa

Mallorca an island over milions of caves!

A few km and only 10 minutes by car from myOM you can have one of the most special experiences in all of Mallorca: visiting the Drac caves, which contain the largest underground lake in Europe. And right there you can attend a classical music concert, with an acoustic worthy of the best theaters. This is the most famous but apart of that there are a loto of other smaller caves very interestings!