sailing ship

Is this your first time on the island? ask us for information about our extra services and we will be able to advise you on how to move.

Thanks to collaborators and trusted people who carry out their work professionally, we are able to give you the contacts of the best professionals to make you move in serenity and safety on the roads of Mallorca.

But not only on the roads !!


car rental service

You cannot come to Mallorca without having a means of transport. Impossible not to see all the beautiful beaches, go around towns and mountains, turn it far and wide.

In addition, the roads are beautiful, in excellent condition and apart from the traffic area of Palma, the rest of the island will make you rediscover the pleasure of driving in bucolic landscapes.

Or if you come for cycling, you will need a van to transport vehicles and tools. And how about taking a romantic tour of the island by scooter? The ideal way to get around beaches and coves in the hot summer.

Ask us for information so you don’t have to worry about looking for a car rental, queuing up and having problems with various rates, credit cards. Ask us to rent a car, motorbike or van and we’ll take care of everything.


sailing tour

We collaborate with some companies in the nautical world, can offer on request the collaboration with them to show you the beautiful island of Mallorca not only from the mainland, but also from the sea.

An experience not to be missed in this Mediterranean paradise.

We will be happy to complete your experience with boat trips to make your stay even more romantic, adventurous and complete.

Thanks to the collaboration with some boat rent, your experience at myOM will be the most complete on the island!


private chauffeur

Have you always dreamed of having a chauffeur who would take you around wherever you want? You are on vacation and don’t want to get in your car and drive in a country you don’t know, on new roads and without knowing the most interesting destinations. Just want to relax, enjoy the landscape and the places.

You don’t have a car or just want to enjoy a relaxing holiday without the stress of driving?
But at the same time you don’t want to miss all the beauties of the island?
Do you want a person at your disposal who will take you to know the island in all its hidden corners without having to google what the island’s attractions are?

A private driver who will take you wherever you want. Thanks to our collaborators your holiday will be totally stress-free, without making you give up anything.

We have the solution for you.


hot air baloon

Do you want to look at Mallorca from a decidedly out of the ordinary perspective?

A few km from manacor there is a hot air balloon center that will make you visit the island from the sky.

A unique and fascinating experience that will make you feel like Mr. Fogg traveling around the world in 80 days!

Do you need other extra services? let us know and we try to help you!