If you are an animal lover, you can take your children to discover everything about ostriches, in Artestruz, where they will be able to see these very prehistoric animals live!

Or are you in love with fluffy and soft balls of fur? Alpakas Mallorca is the right place for you.

On this farm you can meet these beautiful and sweet animals face to face, caress them and feed them.

But not only can you also spend time in the spa surrounded by their presence, have lunch or dinner with them and even request photo shoots with alpacas, even for weddings!

This farm is located a few km from myOM in the town of Felanitx. Just like for ArteStruz you can make your children happy (… but not only!) By taking them to see these sweet animals!

In Mallorca there are also numerous riding schools where you can practice horse riding, enjoy magnificent horseback rides in the midst of nature or simply take advantage of this wonderful place to try a new sport.

Ask us for information and we will be able to direct you to the right people!

Nadal Museum

There is no shortage of points of interest for all sportsmen too: a few minutes drive from myOM there is the very famous Nadal museum and center that you can visit and if you are lucky you can also meet some tennis world champions who are often guests of the Mallorcan star.

Thanks to the collaboration with coaches and athletes of the Nadal center you can ask myOM to let you have private lessons or to play tennis with professionals.

Golf Club

Mallorca is known to all golfers for being one of the islands with the largest number of golf clubs. Some are in truly spectacular locations. Just a few km from myOM is the beautiful Manacor golf club.

These and many more are the tourist attractions near myOM, come and discover them all for yourself!