Are you looking for something different and not the usual routes to majorca? Do you like having a common thread that leads you to visit places of interest?

If you want to discover more of the places and characters that have made the history of Mallorca and have become famous all over the world, then we highly recommend some thematic routes that you can create starting from myOM.

Literary, cinematographic and cultural routes

Here are some routes that will surely please you and will allow you to meet characters who have made the history of Mallorca.

For example, the one that has as its main theme the monuments built by Ramon Llull, philosopher, theologian, writer and man of science who lived in 1200, more or less in the same period in which Jaume I conquered Mallorca.

Or other literary paths that move in the footsteps and places of many writers who have spent years in Mallorca writing, composing and being captivated by the beauty of this magical place.

If, on the other hand, you are a true cinephile and can’t wait to discover all the places where your favorite films have been shot, know that Mallorca is a real mecca for all cinema lovers. Here many famous films have been made and it is still often used as a location for films, TV series, commercials.

We also have the right path for you to be able to do a real movie marathon!

Are you looking for a more romantic path? We also have some suggestions for you! Here is the route of the lighthouses of Mallorca. You can admire sunrises and sunsets from extremely suggestive places.

And finally, if you still don’t have enough, here is the map of all the places you can visit from myOM, a few kilometers from Manacor. Through this route you can discover natural parks, museums and places of interest a few kilometers from us.